About Us

Tel Aviv is an agile city, life is fast. In our culture, everything changes very quickly, everything is in constant motion. Streets change names, people come and go, places open and close at the speed of light. What we knew yesterday will no longer be here tomorrow and what comes tomorrow may change the day after tomorrow.

And here is also the CoffeeBar, after almost 30 years of activity undergoing some changes.

The CoffeeBar restaurant in a diligent hand has closed and in its place we are happy to introduce you to CoffeeBar Express, the same lady in a change of heart, in the hurried version.

The classic, beloved and familiar food remains the same, you can enjoy it now by ordering delivery to your home or office, come pick up yourself and even sit in our yard, self-service.

In 1994, Ruti and Matti Brodo realized a dream when they opened a small cafe, which grew into a restaurant. Many thousands of guests, returning again and again, turned the CoffeeBar into a local mythology.

So the format has now changed a bit, but our goal remains the same – to give you great pleasure and joy in your heart. This is the standard we set for ourselves twenty-something years ago, and from it we will not budge.

We’re still here.

Silence is Golden