About Us

The CoffeeBar is the first restaurant of R2M Hospitality Group. It was opened in 1994 by Ruti & Mati Broudo, and loyally serves its guests since. 

Scattered among four rooms, a bar and an outdoors porch, there are about 150 seats in the restaurant. The divided rooms, which, along with the elegant black-and-white design and the hugh flowers vases – the trademark of the place – make an intimate and cosy setting.

Apart of the CoffeeBar, R2M Group holds few of the most popular places in Tel Aviv. The five Bakeries, in which one can get the whole variety of breads, cakes, pastries and desserts of both places, Hotel Montefiore, with its hype French-Vietnamese restaurant, Herzl 16, a daytime cafe that turns to a bar at night, including live music sets, Disco Tokyo, a new Japanese restaurant, and the Delicatessen – a one stop shop and an online store.

Silence is Golden